News & Events

Good afternoon Manta Rays, Please see the January calendar and lunch calendar attached below.  Thank you and have a great day! 

Math Camp

Prepare to divide and conquer!   Join the Math Camp now!  

Explore the world of photography through a viewfinder.   We are recruiting 15 students to join our after-school photography camp.   Photography is the art of capturing images through the use of Light and simultaneously documenting the personality and mood of an individual or group in a photo. Students can

After School Dance Camp

“Dance is an art, so day by day it grows and there are new things that can be done.”-Stephen Boss Join us in the new year! Dance Camp starts January 16, 2023. Please see the poster for details. 

November 2022 Calendar

Good afternoon Manta Rays, Please see the attached image for our November calendar.

Board Of Trustee Meeting

NOTICE OF BOARD OF TRUSTEE MEETING Friday • November 4, 2022 • 1530 ChST Join the Zoom Meeting here. Meeting ID: 896 1272 1402 Passcode: 1031 Meeting Agenda: Call to Order Confirmation of Publication Roll Call Approval of Minutes Old Business New Business – School Policy Review / School Year