Middle School – normally, student athletes will be at least 10 years of age and/or in grades 6-8. Occasionally, students from grade 6 and at a lower age may participate on the middle school team. Factors such as student’s maturity, academics, ability, and other considerations will be made before deciding on eligibility.  

Academic Grades

Student-athletes must maintain a 70% in all their subjects. If any student athlete falls below a 70% average in any of their classes they will become ineligible and are not allowed to play.


Student-athletes must be at school and active in their classes in order to be considered eligible for any team (sport). Violations in attendance will result in ineligibility. Chronic/consistent tardiness and absences exceeding 15 (total) may result in not being chosen for a team/team (sport). Being absent from school and/or chronic/consistent tardiness of any kind during a sports season will prevent the student-athlete from not being able to practice with the team, and missed practices will result in a loss of playing time in season games and tournaments. Suspension of any kind will result in the suspension of participation from the current sport. (ie. suspension of 3 days will mean suspension of practices and games during the same time frame, and 1 season game/tournament game). Consequences of the severity of suspensive and discipline will be determined by the specific situation and discussed with SIFA ADMINISTRATION.

Player Selections

Student athletes who wish to join a team (sport) must attend tryout timeframe to be considered. During the tryout period, each coach will provide an explanation of his/her expectations. It is the duty of the student to demonstrate to the coach that he/she can fulfill these expectations. Students not selected for the team are encouraged to explore other sport opportunities or other extra curricular activities.