Code of Conduct

Behavior Standards

All student athletes are expected to adhere to the following behavior standards.

Will treat coaches, referees, and all other players fairly and with respect.

Will play by the rules.

Will control their temper and will not use foul language.

Will speak in English.

Will be a team player and work with the team. 

In cases where past behavior (in classrooms, athletics, hallways, and cafeteria) has been an issue, a behavior contract may be a condition of participating.

Coaches Code of Conduct

All coaches are expected to adhere to the following behavior standards.

Will treat players, referees, and all other coaches and players fairly and with respect

Will encourage the students to speak in English

Will control their temper and will not use foul language


Teaching fair play and how to both win and lose gracefully is of critical importance to the SIFA Athletic Program.  Student athletes are expected to show good sportsmanship. This requires attention to not only the words said but also attitude, body language, and showing negative emotions. 


Students that quit a team will be ineligible to a position of captain/co-captain on teams(sport) for the current calendar year.  After team selection, student athletes recognize that they are holding a position that other students may have wanted.  Being on a team requires the acknowledgement that other student athletes depend on their participation, effort, and following these policies. 


Each member of an athletic team MUST:

Commit to being present at all team activities, including tryouts, practices, meetings, and contests/games with other schools/teams.

Dedicate himself/herself to becoming an excellent team member and school citizen.

Strive to continually improve as an athlete.

Demonstrate pride in team performance and in himself/herself as a member of a team.


Current school year (SY2022-2023),  the school does not have any standardized arrangements for transportation to sports team events.

Each student athlete must arrange for travel to the event unless parental/guardian permission through the SIFA Athletics Transportation Release Form is submitted to the coach or athletic director. 

Clothing & Equipment

Student athletes will provide their own athletic clothing for practices.  

Team (sport) jersey’s for competition will be made available for purchase through the SIFA Athletics Department to be paid to SIFA Accounting Office.  Special exceptions may be made on a case by case basis to be decided by SIFA Administration and SIFA Athletics. 

SIFA Athletics will provide equipment for the sport.

Risk Factors

SIFA Athletics training, practices and competitions run the risk of injury.  Student athletes participating in tryouts, practices, scrimmages, games, and tournaments acknowledge that they are aware of the risks of injury.  They also agree to inform the coach or athletic director if they are any medical reasons that the school needs to be aware of.  Students should all be physically able to participate as an active member of the team and are required to submit an athletic sports physical signed by their primary care physician. 

Any injury that occurs during a school event or practice needs to be brought to the coaches or athletic director’s attention right away.  Before an athlete returns to any athletic program after an injury, a physician must provide written approval to resume participation in the sport.